The Difference Between a Driving Range and a Golf Course

Golf is a popular sport played on golf courses all around the world. A golf course is the area where a game of golf is played, with a series of holes (usually 18) that feature tee grounds, fairways, flagsticks, rough and a variety of other hazards such as water. A driving range however is the […]

Do You Need A Bookkeeper?

If you are struggling to keep up with the day to day ins and out of your paperwork and admin tasks, perhaps it is time to look to the professionals for assistance. Hiring a bookkeeper Medway or anywhere else for that matter, involves asking yourself a couple of quick questions. Do I Need a Bookkeeper […]

Do I Need Mathematics for an Accounting Degree?

If you are thinking about becoming an accountant, you may be wondering what types of mathematics skills you will need. There are a variety of jobs in the accounting profession, and with an accounting degree you can choose which one suits you best. You may be surprised to learn that although maths is important, it […]

Why Choose Handmade Kitchens Over a Flat Pack Kitchen?

For a long time mass-produced flat pack kitchens were the new trend amongst homeowners and interior designers due to the large choice, easy installation, quick purchase and low price. More recently however, handmade kitchens are making a comeback as they are often better quality and much more unique compared to modular kitchens. Handmade kitchens Sussex […]