Do You Need A Bookkeeper?

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If you are struggling to keep up with the day to day ins and out of your paperwork and admin tasks, perhaps it is time to look to the professionals for assistance. Hiring a bookkeeper Medway or anywhere else for that matter, involves asking yourself a couple of quick questions.

  1. Do I Need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

If you’re a small business owner it can be financially daunting to realise that generally, the answer is both. Accountants and bookkeepers differ in the type of work they do and play different roles in assisting business owners in managing their finances. Generally, bookkeepers charge less per hour so it is financially wise to leave the bigger jobs such as tax, to the accountant, while the bookkeeper looks after your day-to-day paperwork. Having a person on hand to look after those niggling, but oh so important tasks, like your ledger, frees you, the business owner, up to do what you do best: looking after your customer’s needs.

  1. Can I Handle the Workload Myself?

Only you, the business owner, can answer this one and the answer is largely going to be dependent on the size and growth of your business, along with your bookkeeping abilities. Ask yourself honestly, are my admin skills really up to scratch? If not, then all the recording and managing of financial data that you have been doing yourself may be sub-par work. Good bookkeeping is more than simply copying invoice details into a spreadsheet, it also involves detailed analysis of financial data that helps your business get ahead.


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