Points to Think About When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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One of the biggest parts of wedding planning is selecting the wedding venue. The location where the wedding will be held is one of the most important parts of the big day and one of the most expensive, so it is imperative that it is nearly perfect in every way. There are a lot of significant questions to ask and points to think about when choosing a wedding venue, including…

  • Budget – Only consider a venue if it fits within the budget. Overspending on a venue will mean cutting back on other parts of a wedding.
  • Date – Check if the venue is available for the date or time of year that the wedding will be held. Call up and ask or check the online calendar for availability.
  • Capacity – Ensure the capacity of the venue can comfortably fit the number of guests that will be invited.
  • Space – Make certain the space and layout will fit the individual needs of the wedding, for example a stage and dance floor, or a way to make the ceremony and reception in one space.
  • Location – Make sure the location is easy for transportation and getting to and from accommodation for the guests. A wedding venue Brighton should be close enough to the ceremony and accommodation so time and money is not wasted on difficult transportation shuffling guests around.
  • Catering – When considering a venue, discuss the catering options as some venues will have restrictions on the choices.

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