The Difference Between a Driving Range and a Golf Course

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Golf is a popular sport played on golf courses all around the world. A golf course is the area where a game of golf is played, with a series of holes (usually 18) that feature tee grounds, fairways, flagsticks, rough and a variety of other hazards such as water. A driving range however is the place where players can practice their golf swing, instead of playing a proper game.

Driving ranges can often be found attached to golf courses or as single facilities, and can either have natural grass or turf grounds. There are also indoor driving ranges available, as well as virtual simulators such as those featured at driving range Surrey. Rather than trying to practice on a full golf course, the smaller driving ranges are built for training, practice, short games or simply as a recreational activity separate from a full golf game.

The golf balls used at a driving range often differ in quality compared to those used at a golf course. Range balls are usually cheaper than the more professional ones used in a game, and have a harder cover to make them longer lasting and more durable for use with practice shots. More often than not, the balls used at a driving range do not conform to the rules of golf and are not suitable for use on a golf course. To prevent confusion, range balls are typically stamped with the word “range” and will have a distinctive colour that golf balls do not have.


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