Training for an HGV Licence

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To drive a number of different large commercial vehicles, an HGV licence is required by law. Driving an HGV in recent years has become easier and safer with technology installed on many vehicles such as a rear view camera and a radar detection system. This is why there has been an increase of people interested in driving a large commercial vehicle as a career and there are a huge range of opportunities available to those who qualify. To begin training for an HGV licence, a driver is required to:

  • Be over the age of 18 with a valid full car licence.
  • Get a Certificate of Competence.
  • Apply for provisional entitlement before beginning any practical training.
  • Pass a routine medical examination.
  • Pass a theory and hazard perception test. This test features 100 questions and must be passed before beginning practical skills training.

Once these steps are complete, a driver can begin practical training to learn the skills required to qualify as an HGV driver and drive a large vehicle confidently and comfortably. This is usually undertaken in a school where drivers can learn professionally, although it is possible for drivers to learn in other ways. When a driver feels like they are ready, a practical exam must be taken and passed to acquire the qualification. With this qualification a driver can legally drive a range of commercial vehicles from tipper trucks to commercial lorries. There is a constant demand for HGV drivers in all kinds of industries all over the world.

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